ASA president says soy growers welcome President’s efforts to ease burden on farmers

The president of the American Soybean Association says he’s optimistic President Biden’s announcement addressing food availability and farm costs will provide some relief.

Northeast Arkansas farmer Brad Doyle says the expansion of double cropping insurance gives farmers more options for the upcoming growing season.  “The opportunity to double crop, because we’re in planting season now, will not be until next year,” he says.  “We have some time.  Farmers can sit down and look at their rotational schedule and see if there’s the possibility, if we have a timely corn harvest, we can get in there and plant wheat.”

He tells Brownfield he was glad to see increased investments in domestic fertilizer production.  “Farmers, knowing they would have more fertilizer options in the country, is a very big deal,” he says.  “Logistically it is closer.  It doesn’t have to get loaded on a boat and floated across an ocean somewhere.  That, to me, no matter who is selling it, is very valuable.”

The President also announced additional technical assistance for precision agriculture and nutrient management. 

ASA says the current global environment has exacerbated supply chain issues, and the group is hopeful the recent three-pronged announcement will help US farmers contribute additional high-quality protein worldwide and bolster national security through food security. 

AUDIO: Brad Doyle, Arkansas farmer, American Soybean Association president

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