As pork markets continue higher, risk management is key

The hog market has been on fire recently, but a livestock economist says that could all change very quickly.

University of Missouri’s Scott Brown says he doesn’t know how long this will last.  “There is risk in both directions in the pork markets in particular,” he says.  “We could go higher.  But, likewise, I just remind folks that if the trade doesn’t increase as much out of the United States as we might think it’s going to, that might put a little tarnish on some of the strength we’ve seen in prices as well.”

He tells Brownfield the market is extremely volatile right now and producers need to be prepared.  “Let’s make sure we take advantage of these higher prices if you can’t afford a lot of risks,” he says.  “There are some good opportunities to lay that risk off to someone else.”

Brownfield’s Weekly Livestock Market Update for April 9, 2021

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