Arkansas crops: 64% rice and 80% cotton rated good to excellent

Arkansas crops continue to progress nicely.

Sixty-four percent of the rice crop is rated good to excellent and 3 percent is headed.  Eighty percent of the cotton crop is rated good to excellent, 95 percent is squaring, and 20 percent is setting bolls. 

Soybeans are rated 64 percent good to excellent with 74 percent blooming.  Corn is rated 61 percent good to excellent with 42 percent in the dough stage, and 5 percent dented. 

Eighty-eight percent of peanuts are rated good to excellent with 43 percent pegging.  Alfalfa is rated 44 percent good to excellent with 32 percent of the second cutting completed. 

Sixty-give percent of Topsoil and 72 percent of Subsoil are called adequate to surplus. 

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