Areas of concern across egg production

A poultry health specialist recently surveyed more than 40 veterinarians working in egg production to identify major concerns.

Dr. Eric Gingerich with Diamond V, an Iowa-based animal health company, says for caged pullets.

“Infectious bronchitis came up on top. This may be a concern because of false layer syndrome. Coccidiosis is still a problem. Infectious bursal disease apparently comes up as an issue (as well).”

For cage layers, he says E Coli keeps coming back as a top threat.

“As far as cage-free pullets, coccidiosis is a big issue, dealing with the vaccination and control of coccidiosis in these litter situations.”

And for cage-free layers, Gingerich pointed to “peck out” issues as a big problem.  That’s when hens vigorously peck at and pull out the feathers of other birds.

Gingerich participated in a webinar conducted during the Midwest Poultry Federation’s virtual convention Wednesday.  

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