Apple growers calling for USMCA passage

Apple exports have fallen at least 30 percent since the retaliatory tariffs have been imposed by Mexico.

U.S. Apple Association director Mike Dietrich from West Central Michigan tells Brownfield Mexico and Canada are the top destination for U.S. apples but are currently under a 20 percent tariff from Mexico.

“When are fellow partners that are also exporting apples are not able to do that, that floods the domestic market here for us.  Apples are perishable so we’ve kind of been stuck in the middle.”  

He says the uncertainty is making growers uneasy for the 2019 season and some might have to decide to leave apples unharvested to cut their losses.

During this week’s Farm Bureau Fly-in, American Farm Bureau economist Veronica Nigh told Michigan members the USMCA is the gatekeeper to other trade deals and it’s outcome could but make or break the U.S.’s trading ability.  

Brownfield interview with Mike Dietrich

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