Another judge blocks Biden’s USDA from repaying Black farmers

Another judge has ruled against the USDA’s new loan forgiveness program in another case.

Pacific Legal Foundation represents Florida producer Scott Wynn, who challenged USDA’s plans to forgive 120% of farm loans to Black and other farmers of color.  Attorney Wen Fa says Wednesday’s nationwide injunction enforces a basic foundation of the Constitution, that government cannot treat people unequally based on race.  Fa says government cannot allow some people to take part in federal programs while denying others based solely on the color of their skin, and that the courts rightfully rejected such discrimination in the past and should do so now.

Wynn produces cattle, sweet potatoes, and corn near Jennings, Florida.

This is not the only legal action against the Biden administration’s forgiveness plan.  The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty convinced Wisconsin’s Eastern District U.S. Court to issue a temporary restraining order in a similar case earlier this month.  Another court case is also underway in Texas. Attorney Daniel Lennington with the institute tells Brownfield this is the second injunction issued against USDA, and at least two more are pending in other courts.

  • I’m sure Scott bilks the taxpayers for plenty of farm welfare money. He’s been propped up as a white ‘farmer’ his entire career.
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    • This ruling is very sound. Why should Mr. Wynn be discriminated against for events that he had no part in? Race should not be part of the federal program. The funds should be given out equally..financially based would make more sense..but by race..sorry, no, two wrongs never make a right..

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