An opportunity to address issues and exchange ideas

There is no shortage of issues for the nation’s cattle producers to discuss this week at the 2023 Cattle Industry Convention.

Ethan Lane, vice president of government affairs, with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says from traceability to grazing, producers will take a deep dive into the issues.  “We have some policy proposals to talk about,” he says.  “Different ways to approach CRP and finding ways that would better recognize grazing as a tool in those environments.  Looking at the funding for the FMD vaccine bank and making sure that stays solvent.”

Lane says the group will also spend time focusing on the 2023 Farm Bill, and how it can get finished in the current hyper-partisan political environment in Washington, D.C.

He tells Brownfield the policy sessions are important, but the real work happens in the hallways.  “And what a missed opportunity if we’re not exchanging ideas about how you’re doing it in one part of the country vs. another and how you square those two things up in a national policy platform,” he says.  “And for my money, it’s one of the most important reasons to come to an NCBA convention.”

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