Amid war, Ukrainian farmer preps for 2023 growing season

As Russia continues its war against Ukraine, a farmer in the central part of the country says the availability of inputs is one of his biggest concerns heading into the 2023 growing season.

Kees Huizinga says he’s trying to get seed materials purchased before the New Year. “Just to have it in stock,” he said. “If the Russians throw a bomb on a warehouse where our seed or our fertilizer is, then it’s not available for us anymore.”

He tells Brownfield he’s worried about limited fertilizer supplies. “Nitrogen fertilizer a lot of it is produced within Ukraine, and those factories are not running anymore because of electricity shortages, expensive gas, or even not available gas.”

Huizinga says he expects crop yields to take a hit. He says if the war doesn’t stop soon, global food and nutrition security will suffer.

AUDIO: Ukrainian farmer Kees Huizinga at 2022 NAFB Convention

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