American Soybean Association applauds Biden order advancing biotech and biomanufacturing

The American Soybean Association welcomes President Biden’s executive order to advance biotechnology and biomanufacturing.

ASA director of government affairs Ariel Wiegard says the order will help grow the market for bio-based products.

“Everything from soy-based paints and asphalt sealants to soy-based golf balls, everything that’s made with agricultural feedstocks is encompassed in this executive order and that’s very, very exciting.”

She tells Brownfield the order includes deadlines, but it remains to be seen how soon farmers will directly benefit.

“Where we could see some things moving even in the shorter term is that this type of action from the government gives confidence to the market, gives confidence to ingredient buyers, gives confidence to the biomanufacturing and biotechnology sectors.”

ASA president Brad Doyle says the announcement puts in place steps that will help the soy industry continue to develop innovative, sustainable products that can help lower greenhouse gas emissions and create more jobs.

The White House says the investments, programs, and partnerships in the initiative will advance research and development in engineering biology and biomanufacturing, expand and strengthen domestic biomanufacturing capacity, and support a more resilient supply chain.

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