Amendment to Illinois Home to Market Act diversifies direct from farm sales

A new amendment to the Illinois Home to Market Act will allow food products directly from the farm to be sold online.

Raghela Scavuzzo is the Associate Director of Food Systems Development at Illinois Farm Bureau. She tells Brownfield previously food items like jellies, hot sauces and baked goods could only be sold at your farm or a qualifying farmers market.

“With this new legislation, as long as you are selling directly to consumers, businesses can start selling online. They can also sell at things like flea markets and festivals that didn’t qualify as a farmer’s market.”

The amendment also creates consistency of food safety requirements across the state. Scavuzzo says the legislation increases diversified markets and seasonality.

“People are able to take things like their strawberries, maybe leftovers that didn’t sell, and safely make jam at home, follow a recipe, get a license and sell that jam at a farmer’s market, online to people in Illinois or directly off the farm. So, you’re able to increase profitability and diversify your market which helps the state’s economy.”

The amendment has passed the Illinois House and Senate and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.

Interview with Raghela Scavuzzo

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