Agronomist sums up conditions in South Dakota with one word: “dry”

An extension agronomist says despite some variability across the state, the one word to describe conditions in South Dakota is “dry.”

Jonathan Kleinjan with South Dakota State University tells Brownfield spring wheat growers in the central part of the state are chasing moisture.

“Some guys called me a couple weeks ago and wanted to know how deep they could plant it because they were worried about getting the moisture to get a good stand.”

He doubts much if any corn has been planted, but says that has more to do with cold soil temperatures.

“It is dry in a lot of areas, but I think if they have their mind up to plant corn they’re not going to let (the dryness) deter them hoping for precipitation down the road or just for crop insurance sake I would guess.”

Kleinjan says the only area of South Dakota that isn’t dry is ironically too wet.  He says the northeastern corner has picked up a lot of precipitation since the fall and recently received several inches of snow.

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