Agronomist says harvest time is hybrid evaluation time

An agronomist says the harvest season is also when seed companies gather a lot of data about new crop seed varieties.

Scott Rountree with Pioneer tells Brownfield companies like his are now compiling yield data. He says, “Seed companies will be wrapping up that data on terms of deliverables and information for customers over the next few weeks here. Most companies now post yield results on their websites, so for Pioneer for example, You can look at any localized plot that has been harvested in your area.”

Rountree says the newer hybrids had extensive testing before going to market, but that first year with farmers provides a great deal of useful information. “We tend to learn a lot about those over the course of the first growing season. You know, legacy hybrids that have been around four or five years, we know a lot about those, but especially those newer hybrids that companies release, that first commercial year is a big learning opportunity as we get feedback from customers out in the field.”

Rountree says Pioneer and others now post yield results on their websites and farmers can usually find test plot results close to their location to help them plan for the 2021 crop year.

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