Agronomist says farmers are still fighting noxious pig weeds

An East Central Nebraska agronomist says farmers are making some progress against two noxious pig weeds: water hemp and Palmer amaranth.

Matt Oswald with ServiTech tells Brownfield, “You can definitely tell guys that have sprayed multiple times.  Their worst fields they look better then they have in years past. Those pig weeds keep coming and coming until everything kind of canopies over,” Oswald says. “We’re not quite there yet with soybeans but we will be here shortly.”

Oswald says he advises growers to use products that are variety dependent. “On my Enlist beans, I recommended some Liberty before about a month ago and got that on.  It did a good job on the small ones, and then the taller ones kind of came out of it as far as pig weed wise they did.  Then you can follow up with Enlist application, which is just a 2, 4-D product.”

Oswald says he’s also seeing an increase in volunteer corn.

Matt Oswald:

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