Agronomist says deep roots helped crops survive dry summer, so far

An agronomist says the dry growing season has forced plants to develop stronger roots.  Trevor Knutson with Dairyland Seed tells Brownfield the lack of surface moisture has plants going deep for water. “We had a dry spring, and we were able to develop some roots in some corn, soybeans, and that it’s my feeling that is what’s got us through this dry spell.”

Knutson says the forecast is not looking good for the vital pollination period to get pods and ears filled. “Every week, we’ve got a day or so maybe where we’re going to get some rain and it keeps pushing off. They were talking Friday we were going to get six or seven-tenths and now they’ve pushed that to next Wednesday.”

Knutson says the northwestern and western parts of Wisconsin remain much drier than usual as many recent rain showers have missed them.

  • we know of high demand thats why the fed is trying to prop up the dollar so making our grain more expensive to export keeping the so called lid on inflation kick the can down the road from politicians that cant run an economy.

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