Agronomist encourages growers to wait for ideal planting conditions

An agronomist encourages growers to wait for better soil conditions despite planting delays.

Eric Wilson covers Iowa and parts of Minnesota and South Dakota for Wyffels Hybrids.

“The planting concern is the moisture. It looks like we’re finally going to turn the corner as far as temperatures, but as always if you’re in those areas that have been hit with a lot of rainfall, we’re still looking for those ideal soil conditions.”

He tells Brownfield there is a benefit to planting early, but planting early in the mud won’t do farmers any favors.

“I would rather see a crop planted later under ideal soil conditions, knowing it in the end is going to yield more than push it early just for the sake of pushing early when soil conditions are a little more questionable.”

Wilson says planting when it’s wet sets the crop up for all sorts of issues during the growing season, especially with nutrient uptake.

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