Agronomist: don’t rush to change crop rotation plans

A technical agronomist says crop rotation plans are holding steady so far despite wet and cool conditions in some areas.

DEKALB Asgrow’s Jordan Arndell is based in southern Indiana.

“Right now for people that have their plans set and were prepared to start planting in early April like we all hoped too, I don’t hear anybody changing the crop that they forecasted for their farm right now,” he says.

But, he tells Brownfield that could change if fields don’t dry before the second week of May.

“If we don’t get dry sometime between now and May 15, which I fully believe we will, we could see some people change their planned crop,” he says. “As long as we’re timely with the fieldwork, weed control applications, and planting, there’s no need to hit the eject button on what we were planning on planting this year. I think we should stay the course for the time being.”

Arndell is encouraging farmers to be patient to get in the fields.

Audio: Jordan Arndell

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