Ag law attorney says follow state guidance on dicamba ruling

An ag law attorney says farmers and retailers should follow their state’s guidance, for now, on the use of dicamba products affected by the 9th circuit court ruling.

Brianna Schroeder, with the Janzen Agricultural Law firm in Indianapolis, says there are mixed messages coming from different states and within states, “What is the body that regulates, has the regulatory power in your state? That should be your primary goal post that you want to comply with right now in this kind of uncertain time.”

She says the EPA could petition the U.S. Supreme Court for a review, “The Supreme Court is not required to do that. So, even if the EPA asks, the Supreme Court could say ‘no, we’re going to leave in place the 9th circuit decision.”

Schroeder tells Brownfield the EPA’s statement Friday saying they disagree with the ruling and to basically ‘stay tuned’ doesn’t help farmers in out in the field. Another EPA statement is expected.

^ Interview with Brianna Schroeder ^

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