Ag industry facing long list of national security threats

The Federal Bureau of Investigation says the ag industry is facing several national security threats and the fallout could be catastrophic.

Eugene Kowel is the special agent in charge of the Omaha FBI Field Office. “We’re worried about the threat from cyber criminal actors hijacking our farming operations, our agricultural operations, our food processing facilities, ransomware, really halting operations.”

Speaking with reporters during the FBI’s Ag Threats Symposium Thursday, he said countries like China, Russia, North Korea and Iran can steal data from the cloud gathered by farms and ag businesses.  “And they can use that technology in their own farming operation. They can manipulate the market. They can start to impact how we farm. They start to know what our supply issues are, what resources we need. They can start to impact those. So, there’s a whole host of national security issues.”

Kowel says hackers or other adversaries shutting down ag operations during times of conflict is another threat.  

  • This fbi ‘security threat’ is of their own making! By this I mean that if this agriciulture data was properly ENCRYPTED then it would not be exposed and vulnerable on the cloud or anywhere else. But N….OO, Chris Wray even went to congress demanding all encryption has “back doors” so that they can SPY on all America from their desks, while sitting on their fat, ignorant, stupid asses. So now they are ‘warning’ you about the vulnerabilities that they themselves, along with other 3 letter agencies, have created. Truth is this is the same cruel joke that they have been lying to the American public for decades; ‘discovering’ the corruption that they themselves have created.
    The solution is simple; Implement point to point encryption that is key driven, so that only the intended users can access the data. This solution needs to be applied to all sensitive data, not just agriculture. Without it, NOTHING IS SECURE!

    So forgive me if I do not accept this self created set of vulnerabilities that the brilliantly corrupt so called intelligence agencies are curtently psyop-ing. I am a mathematitian well versed in encryption methodology, and I know better.

    Again, you can choose not to publish my post. I am not the one who will loose big time. The American agriculture industry that Brownfield represents will no doubt loose big time if these corrupt ‘intelligence’ agencies are not reigned in and vetted of their deep state bad actors.

    And in the future, try not being such cucks to these corrupt psyops. Maybe the money looks good to you now for publishing this fear porn, but ultimately one can not EAT MONEY; although you will become hungry enough to try if you keep supporting this psyop propaganda.

    Good luck on that one, Akamai

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