AFBF & NFU push for USMCA passage

The American Farm Bureau and National Farmers Union are pushing Congress to get USMCA across the finish line.

Scott Vanderwall, Vice President of Farm Bureau, tells Brownfield they’re putting on a “full court press”, asking President Trump to send it to Congress –that won’t happen until Speaker Pelosi agrees to send it to the House floor, “We believe that she probably has that as the goal to get it done by the end of the year. Chairman Peterson was quoted as saying that he believed that same thing.”

Rob Larew, vice president of policy with NFU, tells Brownfield USMCA needs to pass even though he questions what he calls a “bizarre” prescription drug provision that could negatively affect farmers, “For agriculture, it’s not going to have huge gains. But if we get it across the finish line I’m hopeful that that will then spur some positive ripples which hopefully will have a good impact in other areas.”

VanderWal tells Brownfield they don’t want Trump to follow through on a previous threat of doing away with NAFTA, “Probably our worst fear is if we had nothing. If he were to withdraw from NAFTA and we didn’t get USMCA passed, that would be a very bad thing from our industry. 

Brownfield interviewed VanderWal and Larew at the NAFB convention in Kansas City.

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