Advanced Agrilytics has eye on drought

A precision analytics company says it has its eye on the drought and how that could impact farmers this growing season.

Matt Stump, a precision agronomist with Advanced Agrilytics in Missouri, says their algorithms mitigate the risk on acres that have the highest risk potential.

“We know that we’re shaping up for what looks like another potential drought year. We actually have a lot more confidence going into (this) growing season because we’re doing our due diligence on the acres we know that are most at risk.”

Stump says they’ve expanded their footprint in Missouri since they began their services in the state midway through last year’s growing season.

”So we’re bringing on new individuals. We’re bringing on new growers in different areas of the state as well.”

Stump says they have agronomists on-the-ground analyzing how each field’s environment interacts with products farmers use to help them improve their bottom line.

Advanced Agrilytics is based in Indiana and is managing crop acres in eight states.

Interview with Matt Stump ^^^

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