Consider adjusting soybean planting plan

Erratic weather continues to delay soybean planting in parts of the state.  As the calendar gets further into June, Purdue Extension soybean specialist Shaun Casteel says some farmers may need adjust their original planting plans.  “If there happens to be some beans in the northern third of the state, farmers should stay the course until about the 15th of June,” he says.  “If you still need to plant, cut it back about a half a maturity group.  For the central part of the state you stay the course on your full season beans until about the 20th of June.”

Because the southern part of the state has the most opportunity for a full growing season, he says that area wouldn’t need to look at adjusting the maturity on soybeans until the last week of June.

One other thing, Casteel tells Brownfield, after the first week of June – it’s imperative to increase seeding rates when planting soybeans.  “We’re really about the ballgame of making nodes, those main attachment point for leaves where pods are developing,” he says.  “We have a shorter window for the photo period to come in and to trigger flowering.  We’ll end up with shorter plants and less nodes.”

Farmers who typically plant 140,000 seeds per acres in 15” rows should increase the rate to around 170,000 seeds per acre this week; 185,000 next week, and to 200,000 in the final week of June.

AUDIO: Shaun Casteel, Soybean Planting Plan (2:15mp3)

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