Additional wildfires in Nebraska char 120,000 acres in two countries

Extreme winds, low humidity and dry lightning may have destroyed up to 120,000 acres of rangeland in the Nebraska Sandhills.

The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency says eight wildfires across two counties began Thursday afternoon and were 85 percent contained Friday afternoon.

The Cooksley Fire began in Custer County before rapidly spreading north into Blaine County with dry lighting sparking seven additional fires.

Local fire departments reported no deaths, but outbuildings, rangeland and hay supplies were a total loss.

Earlier in the week, NEMA reported that 15,000 acres had burned in several counties across the state.

  • There will be a lot of fence that will need replaced also. Fences were being cut just to move cattle or for truck use. I’m sure some were probable just ran thru and carried along with the trucks, which will have to be gathered up, before cattle are turned out. Please make a comment if you have pasture for rent!!!!

  • I would disagree with the reporter’s statement that rangeland was a total loss. Fire has always helped in the prairie’s restoration. I would encourage the reporter to research the benefits. There are many studies. The grass will return and the pastures will be in better shape. All it needs is the rain.

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