AcreValue website estimates farmland value


The ag software company Granular has created a free website designed to analyze the value and productive capacity of farmland.

Tamar Tashjian is general manager of AcreValue.

“It is meant to help farmers, investors, landowners, brokers, appraisers…really anyone in the industry, access information about farmland in a single site that’s convenient and easy to use.”

She says the program gathers data from public sources on soil, production history determined by satellite imagery, taxes and climate information.

“We actually analyze those terabytes and terabytes of data and run it through computer models to estimate the value of a given piece of farmland.”

Tashjian tells Brownfield that AcreValue has been used to help negotiate farm rental arrangements and with agronomic decisions.

She says the website includes soil maps and crop rotation history across 46 states.



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