ACE: Look beyond 2023 for better E15 alternative

The head of the American Coalition for Ethanol says last week’s emergency waiver for E15 sales was a mixed bag.

Brian Jennings says the US needs to look beyond the 2023 driving season. “We don’t want the supply conditions to be such that there are emergency steps that need to be taken.  We need to get back to some sort of normalcy.  We need to get permanent nationwide access to E15 year-round.

EPA has granted authorization for eight midwestern states to sell the higher blend beginning in 2024, but Jenninigs says Congress can eliminate uncertainty for every state. “Ultimately, it’s that legislation that we’re going to need in order to make this a nationwide aspect.

Jennings says there could be possible movement on a bill allowing permeant E15 sales. “We think that there will be growing support, more support in 2023 than there ever has been. One of the reasons for that is the American Petroleum Institute now supports this legislation.  When you have big oil on board as a solution, it brings other members of Congress to the table.”

The bipartisan, bicameral legislation called the Consumer and Retailer Choice Act was introduced by Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer and Representative Adrian Smith.  

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