A lot on the line as China negotiations near possible tipping point

There’s a lot on the line as negotiations continue with China amid President Trump’s threat to increase tariffs Friday.

Dave Salmonsen with American Farm Bureau says he believes the President is employing a pressure tactic.

“Trying to get the Chinese to make the deal, get it closed, so we can move on and hopefully take these tariffs off (and) get back to normal marketing over time.”

While Farm Bureau isn’t in favor of additional tariffs, he tells Brownfield they do want to get a deal done.

“In the near term, it looks like we’re going to watch this unfold. Hopefully it will result in a good trade deal that will benefit U.S. agriculture and other industries. But for right now it seems to be part of the negotiating world with China that we’re in.”

Beyond securing more purchases of U.S. ag goods, Salmonsen says Farm Bureau would also like a new agreement with China to address barriers on beef and biotechnology.

  • I see really tough times ahead in the farming community. Low grain prices due to tariffs. Higher equipment (steel) costs due to tariffs. I don’t think the current administration knows what they are doing. Take small wins instead of trying to hit a home run.
    Tariffs are a tax on the American taxpayer.

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