A full slate of weed control options is crucial

Managing weed resistance continues to be one of the biggest challenges farmers across the country face every growing season. 

Padma Commuri, head of R&D in North America for BASF Agricultural Solutions says producers should work with local extension experts, agronomists, or weed control experts to develop a program that works for their operations. “Getting the information about the latest resistance in the area, any new products available for their crop and their region,” she says.  “And to be able to effectively combat weeds with the right combination of herbicides and including in a multiple modes of action.”

She tells Brownfield that regionality matters when it comes to managing resistance.  “The geographies are different with regards to what has developed with resistance locally,” she says. “Meaning what is the herbicide program being used in that area, the weed species present, and the crop management practices employed by the grower and also in the region.”

Commuri says the goal is to provide farmers with a variety of options to control weeds and manage resistance and that’s why BASF continues to make investments in research and development.  “Make sure that we are providing a different mode of action to what the growers already have in that tool box and that’s what takes time,” she says. 

She says BASF has an exciting pipeline of agricultural products launching into the 2030s. 

AUDIO: Padma Commuri, Director of R&D, BASF Agricultural Solutions North America

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