$300 million being invested to fix Missouri River structures

The Army Corps of Engineers has received more than $300 million to repair structures along the Missouri River to ensure the transportation of ag goods.

Colonel Travis Rayfield tells Brownfield the 2019 flood destroyed the waterway’s ability to help barges of ag commodities and supplies move up and down the river. “Most of the structures on the Missouri River were damaged or inundated for over 270 days. Those training structures if damaged means they aren’t operating the way they should keep the river trained in the center for a navigation channel to self-scour.”

He says the Kansas City District will have most of the work for the Bank Stabilization and Navigation Project, but repairs are needed along the entire waterway. “We go from St. Louis to Rulo, NE and there’s further reaches up the Missouri and into the Omaha district to our north.” 

Rayfield says the funds were made available through the Infrastructure and Jobs Act.

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