Planters rolling in southwest Iowa

Planters are rolling in the southwest corner of Iowa.

Jeff Jorgenson of Sidney says it’s a little wet.

“But planting has been pretty smooth. We’re right on the edge of drought really in Nebraska, and honestly comes across the south side of us in Missouri, so we’re right close to it. But we have enough moisture for sure at the moment.”

He tells Brownfield planting progress took off after April 20th.

“We started the 22nd, 23rd, right in there. I was a little later (because) everywhere was just so cold and it just wasn’t the conditions I was looking for.”

And Jorgenson says farmers are planting both corn and soybeans.

“In better times obviously we ‘planter up’ I guess is what I would call it. There’s a lot of guys who have a planter on corn and a planter on soybeans and everything is going in at about the same time.”

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