2021 planting decisions made easier with new Granular crop rotation ROI calculator

Granular has introduced a free web-based crop rotation return on investment calculator to help farmers determine the most profitable combination of corn and soybeans for their farm.

Chris Seifert, Head of Digital Ag Data Science with Corteva Agriscience, says they have seen renewed optimism in beans due to recent market rallies, amping up the corn versus soybeans profitability debate for many farming operations.

“Over time we have seen a good amount of variation structurally in the center of the Midwest with the ethanol boom leading to a lot of continuous corn and corn in general planted. Now, soybeans have made a bit of a comeback with so much export demand.”

He says they estimate around 20% of traditional corn on corn acres remain undecided, and considering certain agronomic and geographical factors, optimal rotation for 2021 profitability may be different than recent years.

“This is often a $50-$150 decision and so giving as much decision support as we can to growers is a huge way that we can impact the system and help farmers.”

The calculator accounts for the expected yield penalty for repeat crops as well as the anticipated cost increase for the suggested mitigation strategies. Budget costs are calculated using numbers provided by local state universities, and the crop price is the prior day’s market closing cost, updated daily.

Click here to access the calculator.

Chris Seifert talks to media reporters about the ROI calculator

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