2015 may not be the time for input “extras”

Emerson Nafziger_University of Illinois (2)_webAn Extension agronomist says with lower commodity prices, those input “extras,” may not be necessary in 2015.

“One of the things this past year tells us, when you have a 250 bushel yield and you didn’t do anything special, I think it gives us the message that some of the extras, the micro-nutrients, these kinds of things, maybe they are essential to high yields,” said Emerson Nafziger, Extension agronomist at the University of Illinois.

After a year like 2014 when yields were exceptional in some areas, Nafziger says not to question what you could have done better.

“If we do good agronomics for an average year, they’re going to be very good also for a very good year and they won’t hurt us too much in those really bad years,” Nafziger said.

Audio: Emerson Nafziger, Extension agronomist, University of Illinois

Nafziger was on the program at the recent Conservation Tillage Conference held at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio.

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