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Weeds, remaining corn need consideration when replanting

Weed scientist Aaron Hager says pre-plant herbicides might not remain effective in cases where re-planting is taking place.  Hager, at the University of Illinois, says growers forced to replant because of too much precipitation might consider a supplemental application of a residual herbicide before replanting.  He tells Brownfield some products allow a second application in case of replanting, but some do not.

“The best recommendation we can make to farmers, if they are going to have to replant, and if they are considering making a second application of a residual herbicide, simply read the product label and find out whether or not it can be used in that scenario,” Hager told Brownfield Ag News Friday.

It’s important to control existing weeds and remaining corn from the first planting before a replant is begun, said Hager.

“It could be something as simple as a supplemental application of glyphosate, for example, or glufosinate, depending on the hybrid that was originally planted,” said Hager.  “We certainly would encourage farmers not to replant into any existing emerged weed populations.”

AUDIO: Aaron Hager (3 min. MP3)


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