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Soybean growers boost yield, profit competitively

State soybean grower organizations host friendly competitions to help grow yields.  In most cases, it’s worked.  For many states, the deadline to enter soybean yield contests is nearing.  In Illinois, it’s called the Illinois Soybean Yield Challenge, but the object is no different than in other states with similar contests, it’s soybean growers competing with others for the highest yield.

DSCN5312Jim Nelson, who coordinates the Soybean Yield Challenge in Illinois, tells Brownfield the Yield Challenge has been held seven years, but for the last three years, it’s included a special incentive for farmers to grow soybeans that yield 100 bushels or more to the acre.

The deadline to enter the Illinois Soybean Yield Challenge is September 1.

AUDIO: Jim Nelson (3 min. MP3)

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