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Nutrients do most good kept where they belong

DSCN0441There’s a growing awareness of farm nutrient run-off and the issues resulting from municipal water works having to clean nutrients from drinking water.  Legal action is pending between the Des Moines Water Works and upstream counties from which Iowa’s capital city alleges nitrates are fouling its drinking water.  The suit has focused attention on farm nutrient management and the need to keep plant nutrients where they’ll do the most good, in the field.  Jonathon Coppess, an agricultural law and policy specialist with the University of Illinois, tells Brownfield Ag News that the motivation for the successful management of nutrients is obvious.

“It’s one of those things that begs for a solution,” said Coppess, referring to keeping nutrients on fields.  “I think we all come out better.”

AUDIO: Jonathon Coppess (3 min. MP3)

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