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High yields might require change in mindset

Georgia farmer Randy Dowdy has a knack for growing high yielding soybeans.  He holds the yield record.

“In 2016 we were able to make 171 per acre,” Dowdy told Brownfield Ag News.  “Now our number one goal is duplicate it and take it higher.”

Dowdy keynoted the Missouri Soybean Show Me Soy School sharing tips on growing record-yielding soybeans.

AUDIO: Randy Dowdy (3 min. MP3)


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  • Let’s grow 250 bushels of beans and sell them for $2.50. Let’s grow 500 bushel corn and sell it for $1.00. Let’s file for bankruptcy or forgiveness, and let our neighbors pay for it. Let’s beg the government to save us with taxpayer money. No, let’s grow a decent crop, for a decent price, and work with our friends and neighbors. We already have an over supply, let’s grow a set of balls, cut back production, and rebuild our soils.

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