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Elsewhere on the Brownfield home page is a fascinating three-minute interview by Brownfield’s Ken Anderson with Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) President and CEO Wayne Pacelle. I want you to go listen to the interview and then come back and read my reaction to Pacelle’s “vehement” denial his organization is anti-animal agriculture.

Pacelle is obviously frustrated that his organization and its campaigns are portrayed and perceived as anti-meat, anti-animal ag. He goes so far as to say, “I don’t understand it all,” and lays the blame for this perception at the feet of the ag media.

The man is correct; he doesn’t understand it at all.

The greatest sin of HSUS is its arrogance. The organization and its leaders honestly believe because they deem a practice to be “wrong” or “unacceptable,” the world must stop and embrace that definition.

Inherent in that arrogance is blindness. I’ve never heard HSUS or any of leaders acknowledge the consequences – intended or unintended – of the group’s actions. While Pacelle proudly points to his victories in Florida, Arizona and California, he does not acknowledge the two producers in Florida who no longer operate, or the single producer in Arizona who spent I-don’t-know-how-much to stay in business. The vagueness of Prop 2 in California has led to even greater spending and uncertainty as the state government and industry struggle with how to comply with a program no one seems to be able to define.

The classic example of consequences for which HSUS takes no material responsibility is the fate of over 100,000 abandoned and neglected horses in the U.S. While unsuccessful in making horse slaughter in the U.S. illegal, HSUS’ support of state action in Illinois and Texas shut down the three legal, registered, inspected – both by USDA and the European Union – horse slaughter facilities. By removing a legal, humane system of euthanasia, the animal rights movement has now condemned these horses to abandonment and neglect. Where’s the national HSUS-operated chain of horse sanctuaries? Why isn’t the group putting its money where its mouth is?

The point here is that if you perform surgery and the patient dies, your motives may be well-intentioned, but the outcome still sucks. By forcing its emotion-driven definition of “humaneness” on farmers and ranchers, the inevitable result is whole lot of bankrupt farmers and ranchers who not only can’t afford to wholesale change the way they operate, if they don’t, they’re branded as criminals. What’s the option? Go out of business.

Animal production is a dynamic endeavor; the science, practice, understanding and relationship of man to animal today is not what it was 20, 30 or 50 years ago. What if, by dint of its money and mechanics, HSUS is successful in forcing the changes it publicly says it wants and we find in 10 years, we’ve actually done the animals more harm than good, as several scientists and veterinarians already warn? At that point, animal production will have consolidated to a precious few producers who could afford to farm the way the HSUS demands, but could they afford to switch back?

Bottom line: The demands of HSUS and the rest of the animal rights movement will make livestock and poultry production more expensive. It will take more land, housing, labor, energy, inputs and time to just keep even with our production success today. It will put smaller, independent producers out of business because they cannot afford to transition to whichever animal Nirvana HSUS perceives is needed. That leaves fewer but bigger operations just to maintain the status quo. U.S. consumers, rather than being thankful they spend today only about 10-12% of their disposable income on food, will be forced to spend what our European cousins spend, namely 20-25% of their take-home pay on food.

The World Health Organization (WHO) projects we must increase global food production 50% in the next 10 years to meet need, but the simple math demonstrates we can’t get there from here following the HSUS road map.

HSUS chooses not to talk about the consequences – intended or unintended – of its  actions. To force the changes he champions works against not only the best interests of animal agriculture, but against the best interests of consumers. That’s anti-animal agriculture.

He’s honest when he says he just doesn’t understand it at all.

  • They don’t want their suggested way of farming to be viable for U.S. farmers and ranchers. They want us to shut our doors so they can have their vegan society. But, though they claim it’s about the animals, it never has been and never will be. It’s about a conquest of societal change that just happens to reap millions of dollars.

  • HSUS dose not care about the wellfare of animals, they care about getting rid of all animals.They accept thousands of DONATED dollars every year, money that is donated towards saving animals. This money dose not go to any shelters, or rescue facilites, instead it goes to animsl rights groups that the FBI has deemed terrorist.These same groups are the ones that like to blow up dairys,coops,ect. in the mane of animals, theses arw the groups that trespass on privatr properties and take videos that they can doctor up and call them animal cruelty videos to get dairys, ranchers, ect, shut down.The HSUS alomg with all thier little VEGAN buddies, think people that eat meat are cruel to animals and shouls be fined or in jail.They think its a sin against GOD. HSUS agenda is to do away with all animals even your pets. they are starting with Farmers and Ranchers,then exotic animals then circus animals then zoos then your pets.

  • Seems the real facts are being ignored. The facts are as we all know HSUS is our political voice as The NRA is for Gun holders. Yet I dont see Ag or pro slaughter folks barking up there trees. Instead Ag and Pro slaughter folks create lies They are just mad that HSUS has over 100 million to voice the voice of the unheard and unprotected. Crates for pigs for example will soon be totally banned Yet you hear of NO Business shutting down..

    Now Horse slaughter you say (The point here is that if you perform surgery and the patient dies, your motives may be well-intentioned, but the outcome still sucks) Fact drugs are in horses (Steriods, Brute, Wormers etc.) The very reason Natual Valley close there doors to many drugged horses and no way to track them.

    You Say ( HSUS’ support of state action in Illinois and Texas shut down the three legal, registered, inspected – both by USDA and the European Union)

    Fact Horses were NOT properly inspected all the time There were times we visited the plants and there were NO inspectors on site at the Illinois plants while the killing lines were moving. As for the EU they two were lied too as well. Now the EU has recently Implimented rules to horses intented to slaughter and as of today hundreds of horses have been rejected from entering Mexico for slaughter due to the drugs in horses. As for being legal Texas plants operated illegal ignoring a 1949 law to NOT slaughter Horses yet silently switch over from beef to horse plant. Texas plants ignored and broke the laws.

    You Say (The classic example of consequences for which HSUS takes no material responsibility is the fate of over 100,000 abandoned and neglected horses in the U.S)

    Fact there are NOT 100,000 unwanted or abandoned horses the 100,000 you claim are the ones that went to slaughter. Slaughter is driving by the demand not the amount of horses avaiable.

    To date there are NO pro slaughter Organizations helping horse rescues by promoting them or donating them. God forbit the Ag industry lose a dollar..

    We dont always agree to some of the HSUS tatics, but compared to Pro slaughter Folks HSUS ROCKS..

    For more facts on horse slaughter and the criminals that profit off horse flesh visit and review the own USDA (FOIA) Freedom of Informations Acts.

  • This is an article that brushes against the truth and veers off – to again lodge itself in moronic lock step templates used by the “farming industry” to whine and complain about the “animal rights” groups. I don’t agree with the practices of HSUS and I don’t agree with the practices of an industry that says there are laws and regulations for inspections and moral/ethical behavior around animals being slaughtered for food – who don’t then monitor and enforce those rules on behalf of the animals generating BILLIONS for the lifestyle so many ya’ll enjoy. I am not a vegan but if the disgusting practices of torturing animals in the last days of their lives means I have to go vegan than by all that is good, I WILL!! You have yourselves to blame, you have no one else but yourselves to turn to. The videos of the farmboys kicking the heads in of goats – beating veal calves too weak to stand as they try to get down the ramps of auctions – beating a dairy cow about the head with a tire iron – those are not images American wants branded on their foreheads. If you want to stabilize this situation, stand up and call a spade a spade and get it fixed. Otherwise, go back into your dark little holes and rub your hands together in angst over us mean VEGANS trying to take your menas of torture away. The penalties for animal cruelty are meant to teach the human commiting them how to act with morality and if severe enough, take that person out of the society. Why? Because a person who will beat an animal, passive as they all are, that person will beat another human. Put that person in a cage with a tiger and a tire iron – different outcome.

  • It is amazing that these people never thought of the consequences of ending horse slaughter. I have several Vegan friends and when I explain to them what is happening now, they are horrified. I understand and respect that being a vegetarian is a choice (almost a complete culture).
    What I don’t understand is why the PETA people think a chicken has to be happy or content as it is being raised to be eventualy eaten. Shoot, most don’t even know why the beaks are clipped on those birds in the first place. What are we going to eat if they decide that plants breath and have feeling too!

  • Well, thanks to HSUS and PETA, along with Mr. T. Boone Pickens and others like them, we are now out of business after 30+ years at the same location where we had a weekly horse auction. There is absolutely no place to take the unwanted horse, and without the plants, there is absolutely NO MARKET. With no market, there are no sales. No sales, no commissions made, consequently our horse auction had to be shut down. We would run close to 100 head a week, but the market is so bad, we still could not make expenses! Why they closed the plants is just beyond me. I do not like rendering plants, but I don’t like dentists either. However, you have to have both or everything just rots! You tell me it is better to starve or just leave a horse behind is more kind than just taking him to a rendering plant, and I will tell you you cannot see the forest for the trees. Closing the plants was just a stupid decision all the way around, and it hurt so many businesses, it is not funny – not at all! Why aren’t PETA and the HSUS taking care of all these starving, deserted horses? They sure are not putting their money where there mouth is. We were doing fine until they decided to butt into our business. Who is going to control the wild horse? Ask Willie Nelson! I want to keep some of them as they are historic, but CONTROLLING THE NUMBERS has to be addressed, and the sooner the better. There is only so much land, and they are going to ruin it all. It won’t be able to sustain them if their numbers are not controlled. Why these people can’t see the writing on the wall is beyond me. It is very plain what is happening, and the picture is not pretty. Not pretty at all!

  • When this country wakes up and realizes HSUS and Wayne Pacelle is a terrorist organization and the food animal industry takes a significant stand we might have a chance to burn this bast__d! The Animal health industry won’t take a stand because they are 99.99999% a human health company and the AH divisions are really insignificant to their bottom line. If all AH companies were 100% dependent on food and non-food animal customers and did not have a human side we would see a lot different attitude in that arena. The solution to this problem really lies in the involvement agri-business plays. At the present time I see nothing coming out to help fight these terrorist. The food animal industry will further decline in the USA and that is fact. I am soon to be 65 and my generation lived through the best of it…….. The next agriculture generations are screwed!

  • Someone finally understands that most of Pacelle’s campaigns do nothing except seperate the animal human bond which is the intention of this social movement. In helping to stop horse slaughter, zoos switched to beef costing much more, horses who die a terrible death turned loose because owners can not keep them, anti bark softening, more dead dogs for barking, no bear hunting in N. J. has led to more human-bear encounters. Pacelle and FDA and the use of PZP on wild horse herds, and Bureau of Land Management has no say in the best way to help the horse herds. I thought BML was a government agency and Pacelle has a chairty vegan animal rights group. Go figure. It really is time to have a closer look at HSUS, PETA, Negoation is over and AETA and look at the real agenda. When a group can take children in grade school and scare them into being vegans, we need to remind ourselves what a mere social movement is according to the belief system of 10 percent of the population and how they work zelotlike to make sure the social movement occurs. The utopian society they envision has been tried and failed throughout history and wonder how long are people going to tolerate the march toward a vegan society where animals are not owned but viewed from afar. Now with some of the more radical groups moving toward zero population we wonder if they are trying to control – EVERYTHING toward what they feel is a utopia. Not unlike Hitlers 1933 animal rights laws or his anti smoking laws – forced by law. We are reminded that many were sent to concentration camps for religious slaughter which is the group that Hitler targeted. I read that 600,000 dogs were imported into the USA for sale each year, so what happened to free enterprise are we now getting our dogs from third world countries, maybe that is where our beef will be imported from also. Look closely and see in the campaigns, what HSUS has had a hand in have really done for animals. Creating an animal gestapo is one thing that comes to mind. Did not work when liquor was outlawed, in fact a lot of criminal activity surfaced as we are seeing now with HSUS, and that also was another social movement. Remember before PETA and HSUS when the dog catcher and the vets were your friends, thanks to Wayne and Ingrid, they are not anymore.

  • Correction: AETA is something that needs to be modified to include HSUS and PETA and the others in the vegan animal rights social movement in terrorizing citizens. ALF is the correct term above, as a group with the same intention as HSUS but acts outside of the law and as we know HSUS spends quite a bit on lobbying, that includes including grade school children.

  • I disagree that “he doesn’t understand.” Pacelle DOES UNDERSTAND. It’s more of the “propaganda mill” BIG LIES from Pacelle and H$U$! Perhaps some of the lower H$U$ staff believe Pacelle’s hubris, but if you research, the top guns at H$U$ are anti-animal-use. No matter how they weasel-word, that is the bottom line for them. And they have no problem lying to the publc (“the end justifies the means”) and reaping in millions of dollars on the lives of animals and people in the meantime. Arrogant, antisocial, unethical, immoral–terms that come to mind when it concerns the vegan leaders of the H$U$!

  • What is amazing is that most city dwellers have no clue about agriculture and farming. I rasie Poultry and sell them at swap meets. At one meet, there was a couple walking through looking at all the vendors had to offer, they stopped at my spot and was talking about the chickens. Dressed in high class summer fashion, they obviously were not from the country. The lady was completely shocked to watch the Chicken produce an egg. She exclaimed very loudly, “oh my goodness, that egg came from the chickens butt! That is nasty, I didn’t know eggs came from their butts”…. No clue, just like HSUS.

    As ambassadors of Agriculture, it is our duty to show those that don’t know the truth how much we DO care about our animals. That not all farmers are animal abusers. We DO care about Animal Welfare, not animal rights, there is a difference. I guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t milking a cow that day.

  • Now exchange the words horse, livestock, and put in dogs and cats….they will be gone with their gene pools before the other animal products are gone but all will be gone, with HSUS and their INSANITY!

    Where is your next pet going to come from? Pets don’t grow on trees!!

  • tommy lee(nv. 29)if he only had a clue as to what the truth is;unfortunately it’s unimformed people like himself that make the most noise-good horses still have value-I wonder if he’d like to rescue infertile, teenage,open broodmares;geldings that want to buck you off every time you get on them,horses that don’t have the quality to make good riding mounts-you’ll never see those ill-informed big mouths around to save one!

  • I think it is discusting you horse killers will publish all this crap, spend MILLIONS to keep on factory farming. Spend millions to keep on trying to kill and eat horses full of cancer causing medications.

    Every single horse medication has not for food animals printed on it!

    Your industry has been sending toxins and known cancer causing meat to foreigners for years!

    How can anyone sleep at night when they know how some farms stuff animals in to small areas, covered with filth!!

    Horses are NOT a food animal!! You horse-eaters have to understand that to many people eating horses is just as bad as if you wanted to skin americas unwanted dogs and cats for coats!!

    Believe me, a LOT of americans know the difference between a food animal, domesticated/bred as a food animal and a companion animal!!

    It will never go well for any idiot who promotes factory farming crap and/or killing our horses, dogs or any companion animals for “food”

    Why can’t you horse killers do the right thing and try to save or help companion animals?? even one animal you can save would be a start!! Instead you squander millions of dollars to stop humane laws!

    Yeah, I’m an angry American..I am sick and tired of big-ag..wasting MILLIONS of dollars lobby against SIMPLE humane laws.

  • tommy lee.. that’s BUTE.. not Brute.. ut why worry.. all of your comments are wrong.. not just that one.. HSUS.. NOPE

    spread the word
    Friends Don’t let Friends Donate to the HSUS or any other animal rights group…
    cut off the money and you kill the beast..

  • To put it simply most of the animal rights activists hate us and want us dead. The HSUS uses that hatred for commercial gain and is putting together an illegal business monopoly that will raise the price of our food and will keep as many animals as it can for its own use and abuse.

    Wayne doesn’t “not get it.” He wants it to be like this. He wants to hold life hostage and sell it back to us at a very high price.

  • I will happily spend millions to keep factory farming going, and surplus horses are an excellent source of needed nutrition. Laura Merritt, you are not offering anything better. We had a system for disposing of surplus horses before the HSUS and other animal rights organizations set enough fires and vandalized enough businesses to force the legislatures to take action. I guess we’re going to have to learn that lesson the hard way.

  • Thank you for publishing a few of the anti slaughter posts! I’m 82 and certainly NOT a Vegan. I love good meat. My daughter raises Angus breeding stock.
    It was the horror of the way horses were slaughtered here (and everywhere) Horses do not hold still for a captive bolt like cattle will. It takes several shots and even then sometimes they are hung up to be bled out while they have not died.
    Most of us are trying to save the American Mustang who was unanamously given thousands of acres of land by Congress in 1971. We are trying to get the BLM and the DOI to leave them alone on their rightful land.
    I have no patients with HSUS or Pets. But, please, know that horse slaughter is horrendous and painful. And the meat is contaminated. Bute is common as are many other common drugs.

  • Maybe he really doesn’t understand.

    As a former neighbor of the Pacelle family and classmate of young Wayne, I have to wonder if Wayne’s pathological fixation on intensive confinement does not date back to a childhood trauma he experienced while on a summer trip to Washington DC. While playing hide and seek in an old house we were visiting, Wayne got stuck in a crawlspace. Two of our classmates heard his cries for help but chose to ignore them. Why? Apparently, they couldn’t stand his constant bragging about being the smartest, cutest and most popular kid in the whole school. Plus, he kept the money we raised for our local animal shelter.

    Anyway, Wayne was in that crawlspace for 5 hours before a parent-supervisor freed him. Our teacher should have let him rest the next day, because he was still upset when the class met one of our senators and a few representatives. He even told one of them what had happened. It may sound dopey, but perhaps a linkage between intensive confinement and congressional lobbying was imprinted forever in his still developing brain.

    While some may view Mr. Pacelle as an arrogant, greedy, egomaniacal con artist with a spray-on tan (something I don’t disagree with), I also see the terrified boy unable to turn around, reach his arms out to free himself or get those two mean girls to respond to his screams for help. Perhaps that is why his very first animal rights obsession was the cruel trapping of wildlife by hunters. Maybe its why he believes that death by HSUS euthanasia manual is preferable to weeks or even days in a shelter cage. Why he condoned HSUS’s cowboy-style illegal raids to free the animals. Maybe it is why he relates so well with Michael Vick, stuck in a jail cell for 23 months. I think it is the reason he can’t stop lobbying, even though he knows he is violating the tax codes and risking HSUS’s exempt status.

    As someone familiar with Wayne’s personality – even prior to the crawlspace incident – I do not think therapy will help. Only the IRS can intervene.

  • omg, you horse killers want to send america back to the 1950s and reopen the american horse slaughter that gave us THIS kind of abuse! You are traitors to American Valuses and should MOVE to a horse eating country and eat the toxic cancer causing meat yourselves-feed it to your families!!

  • Laura Meritt and a bunch of us that truly love horses, not the money made through their slaughter, would rather the horse breeding industry see what is so obvious to the rest of us: there are too many horses, because there are too many horses BRED. We would rather that your “surplus” horses were not bred and born in the first place. We would rather that the people who are selling their foals for less than a thousand dollars just admit that horse breeding is not the career for them. This is why the horse industry is upside down. It is because the law of income vs. expenses will never change. And for some reason the horse breeding industry thinks they are the only one who is successful, even though their expenses are higher than their income. This is not intended for the successful, profitable, humane breeders. The successful, profitable, humane breeders are to be thanked and congratulated for enhancing the horse industry, not for bringing it down and giving it a bad name. You know who you are. And you know who you are not.

  • Billie Welty: HSUS Collects millions of dollars in donations per year–about $100 million. Not only that, but they are sitting on a nest egg of around $160 million. Take a look at the IRS form 990 posted on their site.

    Also, you have their agenda a bit backward. Right now their main thrust is with pets, mostly the furry kind in the form of dogs. They do want to put an end to animal agriculture, but they have not made much of a dent there yet, but they are beginning to up their efforts on that front.

    I think this change is more because they are running out of easy targets in the pet area–people are beginning to fight back, and they are winning. It is no longer a slam dunk to bring a person into court, if they have to, and having them, more or less, found guilty without much of an argument. Now that they are having to up the ante, since they are running out of people who cannot afford to defend themselves, and are picking on those who have the money, or can get it, and are now losing more than they are winning.

    They are also not doing well with initiative legislation. They spent more than $2 million in MO this election to get Prop B passed, and they barely squeaked it through. If it were not for the urban areas, they would have lost it by about 20%, instead, they won by a mere 3% of the vote. Not much talked about are the issues in other states that they lost, mainly guarantees added to state constitutions protecting the ability of citizens to hunt.

    HSUS is also facing legal problems. The are among those named in a RICO suit brought by Feld Entertainment (owners of the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus) They are also under investigation by the IRS for violating the laws and regulations covering 501(c)(3) corporations. The Department of the Treasury’s Office of the Inspector General for Tax Administration is also investigating HSUS.

    For those who wish more information on this, you can see
    and once on this sight click on the Frank Losey link.)

    HSUS, in order to duck claims they do not support any hands on care of animals now has control of 5 animal sanctuaries by merging, buying, or partnering with the organizations who run those sanctuaries. Unfortunately, apparently HSUS can not afford to fund those sanctuaries, so those organizations are left to their own devices to raise enough money to keep them running. One of those is a horse sanctuary. Unfortunately, there is no room at the inn, so to speak, for them to accept new arrivals, so, since HSUS closed the horse slaughter houses in this country, there is no place to take older horses to live out their lives, leaving those owners a target for HSUS and other AR organizations to claim cruelty for horses that are going through the normal stages of aging.

    I’m sure Wayne understands alright. He understands he is beginning to lose. He understands that donations are dropping. He understands that his salaries paid by the various groups within HSUS are in danger, as well as his generous retirement plan. He understands he needs to come up with some big victories if he is to keep his job. He understands he is going to need to come up with some new strategies to keep going. He understands the consequences of the legislation he pushes both intended and unintended. He understands alright, everything but why so many people now distrust him.

  • I just discovered this article so my comments are late, but you all need to know that Wayne Pacelle is lying when he says he “doesn’t understand.” He understands perfectly well that his legislation will destroy farming, pet owning, circuses, zoos, and meat on the table. For him THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT! He is a vegan activist, working for a vegan activist organization trying to force the vegan philosophy on the country. His organization, HSUS, is a political lobbying organization that lobbies for legislation to gradually take away all our animals and prevent us from eating meat. They believe in “Animal Rights,” a vegan political philosophy that says that any human interference whatsoever in any animal’s life, whether humane or not, is “exploitation.” Of course, they know no one would support them if they said this right out, so they lie. Everything they say is lies, lies by implication as well as direct lies. They say they are working for “animal protection,” but they do not explain that their idea of how to “protect” animals is different from that of the rest of human society. The animal rights theory is that animals need to be protected from PEOPLE. They literally believe that animals are better off dead than owned or taken care of by humans.

    Most people do not think critically enough about what they read or hear in the media. But if you concentrate on “reading between the lines” you will notice that Pacelle and HSUS never actually say the money donated to them will be sent to animal shelters – they just hint a lot. In fact, less than 1 percent of donations to HSUS go to take care of actual animals. Most people do not know enough about the nitty-gritty details of animal husbandry to recognize when they are being lied to, or to recognize when legislation that they are being told will help animals, will actually hurt them. But knowledgeable animal people have been trying to tell everyone this for years.
    For confirmation, look at these sites:

  • Laura Meritt is making waves in an ocean that she does not understand. There are many reasons why a horse should be destined for slaughter. Dangerous, aged, crippled, etc. Over breeding is a part of the problem but only a part. I breed horses and the bulk find their way into work as performance horses. If they want to take a crack at the color breeders that produce inferior horses from unproven parents, great, that is good for us all. The problem is that they did not address the problem, they created a new one.

    Now, with regard to unwanted dogs and cats. I would prefer that they all have a good home, but if this is impossible, my glove size is medium. A nice set of fur in kitty gloves might be nice this winter.

  • Laura Meritt wants to call horses companion animals. She further states that they are not food animals. People have been eating horses since the dawn of man, dogs and cats too. They are all food animals. She wants to classify the horse as a companion animal. I have noticed that my local Home Depot and Lowes allows companion animals in their stores. If they ever reclassify the horse as a companion animal, I will ride mine into Lowes for a gallon of paint and a garden rake. I think that this shows just how ridiculous this idea is.

  • What you don’t understand or just keep ignoring is that our horses are not raised as food animals. They are routinely given medications that are prohibited by the FDA and EU to maintain their health and perform, race work, provide service and numerous other purposes for which they were raised. There is no withdrawal period and they can never go to slaughter. How many US horses do you know that have not been wormed or received bute at sometime in their life? If you don’t care about the welfare of the horses, at least be concerned about food safety.

    I find it humorous that the slaughter supporters still keep trying to tie ending horse slaughter to bringing down the Ag industry. The logic behind that is hysterical. Ending the slaughter of a non-food animal bring has nothing to do with our food sources. With all the food recalls and abuse being uncovered at the slaughter plants, why on earth would you support slaughtering a non-food animal? All countries that slaughter horses for food have a passport system. The US has nothing that can guarantee food safety for horses. No production records, no tracking and no mechanism to remove horses that have received prohibited substances and the opposition to NAIS proves further that you don’t want them tracked.

    It is no wonder the market for US horse meat is decreasing. You print articles for the world to see that show our arrogance on following rules. Let the world know that you don’t care that there probably isn’t a horse in the US that meets food safety guidelines. We can only hope with the increased FDA involvement that the rules will finally be enforced for our food and non-food animals.

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