TellTail designed to aid pig producers

An agriculture technology startup company is focusing on software solutions for pig production management.

“We take a lot of data and information into our system and we process it through predictive algorithms to help predict some of those decisions to build confidence and security in their daily farm management activities,” says co-founder Angela Green-Miller who is a faculty member at the University of Illinois. She tells Brownfield Ag News, “We originated from the idea of taking university research and translating that into tools that are immediately accessible and easily used by producers.”

Green-Miller says TellTail focuses on five management areas that are priorities for producers including food, air, water, health and weight.  She tells Brownfield that although they are a young company, they have big plans, “We’re less than a year old but, we are moving quickly, and we plan to have our first working prototypes out later this year with our early adoptive farmers and we are hoping by this time next year we launch for everyone.”

TellTail is the recipient of the 2019 Moore Innovation Prize which was awarded at the AgTech Innovation Summit in Champaign, Illinois.

Interview with Angela Green-Miller

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