New tools to fight soybean aphids

Leverage 2.7 insecticide which received registration in 2008 is receiving rave reviews from growers across the Midwest. Steve Olson, Product Manager for Leverage 2.7 insecticide for Bayer CropScience told Brownfield that the most common insect problem for soybean growers in recent years has been the soybean aphid, which robs the soybean plant of life. Leverage 2.7 insecticide provides protection from the devastation of soybean aphids. It provides both contact and in-plant protection. The insecticide also targets a broad spectrum of sucking and chewing pests including bean leaf beetles, Japanese beetles, stink bugs, plant bugs and adult corn rootworms.

During this time when producers are looking for more tools to help them make timely decisions in treating for aphids, the Aphid Alert program, sponsored by Leverage 2.7 and Bayer CropScience has been introduced.

 AUDIO: Conversation with Steve Olson

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