Doug Akromas – Product Innovations Manager
Greeley Tech Center
A few years ago, Agrium recognized the need for a facility to ensure a high-quality research and development space to generate products for their farmer customers. Doug Akromas shares about this 40,000 square foot facility in Greeley, Colorado and how the unique technical center space is essential to product and process innovation. Listen for more about ESN technologies:

Audio: MP3 3:13
“ESN For ROI” MP3 :60

Scott Russell – Marketing Manager
Increasing ROI for Farmers
With varying factors like weather and commodity prices, ESN is a tool for farmers that can be a constant factor. ESN guarantees the return on investment with its special polymer coating that releases nitrogen when the plant needs it. This means less applications of nitrogen which creates a more flexible window for application. Listen to learn more from Scott Russell about how ESN can increase ROI:

Audio: MP3 3:08
“ESN Happy Customers” MP3 :60

John Niemeyer – Marketing Represenative
How ESN works
Side dressing Nitrogen is a technology that has worked for many years. John Niemeyer shares how ESN was invented to be a creative substitute with several benefits, including shorter application time and fewer times of application. ESN’s polymer shell is fused to the nitrogen, expanding like a balloon as the season turns warmer. With expansion, the balloon eposes pores, allowing water to flush the nitrogen out of the shell and to the desired area. Listen to more about how ESN works and how it could work for your operation:

Audio: MP3 5:24
“ESN For All Farms” MP3 :60
“ESN Higher Yields” MP3 :60

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