John Perkins featured imageJohn Perkins has been with Brownfield Ag News since October 2002, reporting on the commodity markets, statistical reports, and the broader market. He also edits Brownfield’s daily email newsletter, Agriculture Today, and makes sure the newsroom has printer supplies and plenty of paper.

A native of Des Moines, Iowa, John is the second generation off of the family farm and a second generation agricultural journalist. One of the defining periods of his life came in 1992 when John and the rest of his immediate family lived in post-Communist Russia, where his father helped farmers transition from collectivist to capitalist agriculture, while he and his two younger brothers attended an English language school and his mother ran a household that didn’t have a lot of the comforts the five of them were used to. The shipments of peanut butter, toilet paper, and reading materials from America helped keep everyone sane (or as sane as possible).

Following that, the family traveled across Europe, mostly by train, before making it back to the U.S. by Christmas. John came to Brownfield after attending Iowa State University, while spending several years with Iowa State University Extension Market News, working in ag radio since shortly after graduating from high school in 1996. In his spare time, John likes to cook a lot of different kinds of foods, read a wide variety of books, listen to several types of music, or just spend some time letting other people get a word in edgewise for once.

John Perkins

Commodity Market Reporter


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