Winfield unveils Data Silo

Winfield Solutions

A leading ag technology company has developed a cloud-based data management system.

Winfield, a division of Land O’Lakes, collaborated with Google Cloud Platform and Cloud Technology Partners to build the Winfield Data Silo.

Vice President of IT Teddy Bekele says the silo connects various agronomic tools allowing farmers to make better informed decisions.

“At the end of the day, having the ability to have these tools automatically connected (is valuable).  One of the things we were able to do is decrease the amount of time it takes to use these tools, and focus more on the output and decisions you can make versus trying to get them just to operate.”

The Data Silo gathers information from scouting, fertility and modeling tools into a centralized and secure location.

“We have the ability to connect multiple tools from different providers, whether it’s the basics, the OEM’s, distributors or tech providers.  And as far as that’s concerned, I haven’t seen anything else in the market that’s been able to do this.”

Bekele tells Brownfield one of the specific capabilities provided by Google is the ability to manage geospatial shape files of farm fields.

“You can see where in the field you’re going, which point you’re standing in and what does the data tell you at that point specifically.  Whether it’s a fertility map, seeding prescription or even a tissue sample or scouting prescription.”

The Winfield Data Silo also allows farmers to actively move their data between applications and share it with trusted advisors.

Bekele says the product is being distributed to core retailers this summer.






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