Farm equipment easily entangled

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Entanglement with overhead power lines and farm equipment is one of the greatest electrical hazards for farmers.

Gregory Obenchain with Consumers Energy says farmers need to look up when operating larger farm equipment.

“Most farm equipment is bigger than your average semi and most of the standards, the national safety standards that are developed, are for essentially what they call a truck which is 16 foot high.”

If equipment does become entangled with overhead lines, Obenchain says operators should stay calm and never level the vehicle.  He says in cases of fire or imminent danger, “Never attempt to leave a vehicle by landing on one foot and/or touching the vehicle.”   He tells Brownfield, keeping both feet together and shuffling away from equipment helps to avoid electric stock.

Obenchain says Consumers Energy’s work safe website offers farmers and employees educational and training resources.

AUDIO: Interview with Gregory Obenchain (4:16 mp2):

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