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Morgan Dugan 11142013Investments in biotechnology and breeding led to a great year for crop yields, according to Morgan Dugan, Channel Brand Lead. Dugan tells Brownfield there were many challenges in the 2013 growing season, including later planting and weed control problems due to wet conditions, but in the end, it was a good year. The year was made better, he explains, because of the Channel Seedsmen line-up. Due to product success, Dugan tells Brownfield, Channel has drawn some good, quality dealers to join the Channel Brand.

Why Channel? Dugan tells Brownfield that Channel offers a full line-up of traits, maturities and genetic diversity.

Looking toward the 2014 growing season, Dugan suggests farmers think about contingencies before they start so they are better prepared to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws out at them.

Channel refreshes nearly 20% of its line-up every year, so there will be many new products in the next growing season. Dugan suggests keeping an eye out for Genuity Droughtgard, the first biotech drought product in the market, combined with breeding for drought characteristics. He is also hopeful that in the near future, depending upon regulatory approval, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend, Monsanto’s newest Genuity soybean trait that includes tolerance to dicamba, will be on market. This trait will be helpful with weed control.

Conversation with Morgan Dugan

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