Ethanol industry partners with ag groups and auto industry

The ethanol industry is working with vehicle manufacturers and ag groups to ensure the production of fuel flex vehicles and create a continued demand for corn for ethanol.  Director of Biofuels for the National Corn Growers Association, Pam Keck says the largest misconception is the auto industry possessing a limited vision of ethanol as a fuel.

 “Rather than ethanol being thought of as an additive, we’re at a point now where we really need to think about how we can better capitalize on the octane benefits of this fuel,” said Keck. 

Keck told Brownfield Ag News the auto industry can appreciate the environmental benefits of ethanol utilization.

 “When you compare the amount of overall greenhouse gas emissions that occur as a result of growing the corn, converting it to ethanol, burning it in your engine, it’s a lot less than when you compare mining petroleum from the planet,” Keck explained.

Keck said one of the challenges in giving consumers more ethanol blend options lies in the industry’s infrastructure.

“We have 165,ooo retailer stations out there today.  Only about 3,ooo or so actually offer E85,” she said.

Keck is very optimistic about the industry’s steps moving forward to work with agriculture and vehicle manufacturers.  

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