More rain centered on the E. & S. Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, very warm weather persists, but scattered showers continue to provide local relief from short-term dryness. Overall, prospects remain favorable for Midwestern corn and soybeans, with significant concerns mostly limited to drought in the far upper Midwest (e.g. the Dakotas) and erratic weather, such as spring wetness followed by June heat and dryness, in the lower Midwest.

On the Plains, extreme heat is expanding across the southern half of the region, promoting winter wheat maturation and harvesting, boosting irrigation demands, and increasing stress on rain-fed crops. Meanwhile, favorably cooler weather prevails in drought-affected sections of the northern Plains, accompanied by widely-scattered showers.

In the South, widely scattered showers dot areas from the Mississippi Delta eastward. Following the recent eradication of nearly all Southeastern drought, pastures and crops are benefiting from mostly abundant topsoil moisture—although damp conditions are locally limiting hay cutting and other fieldwork.

In the West, cool, showery weather from the Pacific Northwest to the northern Rockies contrasts with hot weather from California to the central and southern Rockies. Friday’s high temperatures approached or reached 110° in the Desert Southwest.

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