Big change in weather well underway

On the Plains, showers are once again increasing in coverage and intensity across Oklahoma and Texas. Meanwhile, cool but dry weather prevails on the northern Plains, where recent rainfall provided some limited drought relief, especially in the central one-third of North Dakota.

Across the Corn Belt, a low-pressure system is sparking showers southward into the Ohio Valley. Meanwhile, temperatures, which are below normal, remain nearly ideal for reproductive to filling summer crops. However, pockets of drought exist across the western Corn Belt.

In the South, unsettled, humid, showery weather persists near the Gulf Coast and in the southern Atlantic region. A cold front pushing into the Tennessee Valley is generating a few showers and thunderstorms.

In the West, monsoon-related clouds and light rain showers have spread as far north and west as central California. Meanwhile, very hot weather persists in the Pacific Northwest, where stagnant atmospheric conditions have led to poor air quality due to smoke from wildfires in British Columbia, Canada.

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