Severe Weather Outlook

The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center is forecasting no organized areras of severe thunderstorms through Saturday across the Nation.  Convective Outlooks Storm Reports & Summary Page Current Weather Watches & Warnings Map National & Regional Radars

Weather Hazards Outlook, August 3 – 14, 2014

Here is a look at some of the potential or ongoing weather hazards and headlines ahead in the days to come: Much above-normal temperatures for parts of the Pacific Northwest and Northern Intermountain West, Sun-Wed, Aug 3-6. Heavy rain for the coastal areas of the mid-Atlantic and Southeast into Florida, Sun-Mon, Aug 3-4. The possibility… Read more »

Drought easing on parts of the Great Plains

Coverage reached its year-to-date peak of 40.06% on May 6, but subsequent rainfall across portions of the nation’s mid-section has slightly reduced drought’s imprint. Nevertheless, drought still covers a substantial portion of the central and southern Plains and the western U.S.. On June 3, the highest level of drought— exceptional drought—was noted in portions of… Read more »

Severe weather expected on the central, southern Plains

The NWS Storm Prediction Center is forecasting a risk of severe thunderstorms Tuesday for parts of the central and southern Plains, mainly across portions of northwest Texas during the mid-afternoon and early evening hours and across portions of eastern Kansas and western Missouri later into the overnight hours. Convective Outlooks Storm Reports & Summary Page… Read more »

Drought expansion in the West expands slightly eastward

Much needed precipitation brought limited drought relief to parts of the Northwest, the Great Basin, and the northern Intermountain West, but drought continued to expand and intensify across parts of California, the desert Southwest and the southern Rockies. Outside of spotty precipitation over southern and western Texas, drought also expanded across much of the central… Read more »

Severe Weather Outlook

For Friday, no organized areas of severe thunderstorms are expected across the Nation. This weekend, however, a slight risk of severe thunderstorms is expected on the far southeastern Plains and along the immediate Gulf Coast. Storm Reports & Summary Page Current Weather Watches & Warnings Map National & Regional Radars

Frigid weather persists throughout much of the Nation

Across the Corn Belt, frigid conditions persist, with Tuesday morning’s temperatures falling below 0° in nearly all locations. A deep snow cover and snow drifts continue to complicate travel in the central and eastern Corn Belt, where current snow depths include 13 inches in Rockford, Illinois, and Indianapolis, Indiana. On the Plains, bitterly cold weather… Read more »

A milder pattern to come

Dangerously cold weather from the Plains to the East Coast will lose its punch as the week progresses. The remainder of Monday will feature the Midwest’s harshest cold, followed on Tuesday by the East’s lowest temperatures. Tuesday, sub-zero temperatures can be expected again as far south as the Ozark Plateau, with readings below 0° also… Read more »

Life-threatening cold grips the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, a life-threatening cold outbreak is underway. Monday morning’s low temperatures generally ranged from -30° in the far upper Midwest to near 0° in the Ohio Valley. Gusty winds accompany the bitter cold, resulting in dangerously low wind chill temperatures. In the eastern Corn Belt, a deep snow cover is insulating winter… Read more »

Drought expansion in the West, Southwest

During the past month, drought conditions improved across parts of the Intermountain West, Rockies, southern Plains, lower Mississippi Valley, upper Midwest, mid-Atlantic, and Northeast. In most of these areas, the trend toward improvement is not expected to continue through the first 3 months of 2014, and in fact some drought development (or re-development) is anticipated… Read more »