An active pattern for the Plains, Corn Belt

For the remainder of Wednesday, the lingering effects of a departing coastal storm will continue to wind down across New England. However, a fast-moving disturbance will produce additional snow—albeit mostly light—in the Great Lakes and Northeastern States Thursday and Friday. Meanwhile, a developing storm will result in widespread precipitation in the Southwest, starting on Friday…. Read more »

A much colder pattern ahead from the Plains, eastward

A rapidly intensifying and potentially dangerous Atlantic coastal storm will produce heavy, wind-driven snow through Tuesday from the central Appalachians and northern Mid-Atlantic States into New England. Snowfall totals of a foot or more can be expected in many areas from Long Island into Maine. Meanwhile, a couple of disturbances will result in generally light… Read more »

An active pattern resumes across the eastern Corn Belt

A storm system near the central Gulf Coast will drift northeastward, reaching the Mid-Atlantic Coast on Saturday. Wintry precipitation (snow and freezing rain) may cause travel disruptions from western North Carolina to coastal New England, while rainfall could reach 1 to 3 inches along the Atlantic Seaboard. By early next week, a new storm will… Read more »

A mild pattern to dominate much of the Plains

For the remainder of Wednesday, a developing Southwestern storm will result in significant snowfall accumulations (locally more than a foot) in southern portions of the Rockies and High Plains. The snow will linger through Thursday across portions of Oklahoma, New Mexico and northern and western Texas. Farther east, storm total rainfall (through Friday) could reach… Read more »

More seasonal temperatures ahead for the Heartland

During the next several days, a generally quiet weather pattern will prevail across much of the country.  Exceptions will include a band of light snow on January through Wednesday, stretching from the northern Plains into the northern Mid-Atlantic States; heavy snow across southern portions of the Rockies and High Plains, mainly on Wednesday; and late-week… Read more »

Another pattern shift ahead from the Plains, eastward

A brief period of mild weather will cover most of the U.S. during the weekend and early next week. Some of the most impressive warmth will occur on the High Plains, where temperatures will periodically exceed 50° as far north as Montana and occasionally top 70° in Texas. Meanwhile, dry weather can be expected during… Read more »

An extended January-thaw ahead

During next few days, most of the U.S. will experience dry weather and a turn toward warmer conditions. Exceptions to the dry pattern will include lingering showers (through Thursday) across the lower Southeast; a few late-week snow showers from the Great Lakes into the Northeast; and several surges of moisture across the Northwest. In fact,… Read more »

A January thaw ahead for the Heartland

During the early- to mid-week period, a final surge of very cold air will settle across the central and eastern U.S. By week’s end, however, lingering cold weather will be limited to parts of the South and East. As the week progresses, mild air will spread from the West across the Plains and Midwest. Meanwhile,… Read more »

Cold pattern to gradually moderate

Looking ahead, surges of frigid air will continue to arrive across the central and eastern U.S., although temperatures will moderate slightly by early next week. Snow showers and squalls will be a companion to the cold weather downwind of the Great Lakes. Meanwhile, moisture will surge northeastward from the Rio Grande Valley, starting during the… Read more »

Cold to gradually moderate across the Heartland

Very cold weather will continue to dominate the central and eastern U.S. through the weekend. During the cold snap, snow showers and squalls will rage downwind of the Great Lakes. Some of the coldest weather can be expected tomorrow, when sub-zero temperatures could occur as far south as the Ozark Plateau and the Ohio Valley…. Read more »