More cold weather ahead for the Heartland

A brief period of weekend warmth will come to an end early next week across the Rockies, Plains, Midwest, and mid-South. Later next week, cold weather will become re-established in all areas of the U.S., except from California into the Desert Southwest. Meanwhile, weekend rainfall will become widespread along and east of a line from… Read more »

Winter-like pattern hold across the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, snow squalls are subsiding downwind of the Great Lakes, but cold conditions persist throughout the region. Sub-zero temperatures were noted Friday morning in the upper Mississippi Valley, maintaining stress on livestock. Snow on the ground continues to hamper late-season harvest activities across the northern Corn Belt and parts of the Ohio… Read more »

Cold wave continues across much of the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, snow showers and squalls persist downwind of the Great Lakes. Cold, dry weather covers the remainder of the Midwest. A snow cover continues to limit fieldwork in parts of the northern Corn Belt, but harvest activities are proceeding in other areas, despite cold conditions. On November 9, at least half of… Read more »

Cold pattern to slowly moderate

Additional surges of cold air will maintain significantly below-normal temperatures through at least the first half of the next week across the central and eastern U.S. Cool weather will also expand in the West, although warmth will linger in parts of California. Meanwhile, a developing storm system will produce widespread precipitation during the next several… Read more »

Early-season cold wave across the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, snow showers linger across the upper Midwest and downwind of the Great Lakes. Early Wednesday morning snow depth in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, is 3 inches. Late-season corn harvesting is on hold across the northern Corn Belt, but producers across the remainder of the Midwest are harvesting as conditions permit. Wednesday morning… Read more »

Mid- Winter-type cold dominates the Heartland

An unusually harsh and widespread cold outbreak will continue to dominate the U.S. through week’s end. Sub-zero nighttime temperatures can be expected on the northern High Plains and environs at least until Sunday. The severe cold will continue to threaten emerging wheat in areas of the Plains where little or no snow cover exists. Only… Read more »

Cold wave ahead

During the weekend, scattered, generally light rain and snow showers will develop and gradually intensify across the nation’s northern tier, with a possibility of heavy snow in and around Montana. By early next week, much colder air will envelop the Great Plains and Midwest. However, little to no precipitation is forecast through the next 5… Read more »

Quiet day of weather across the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, cool, damp conditions will cause further harvest delays from Minnesota to Michigan. Dry weather elsewhere in the nation’s mid-section favors corn and soybean harvesting. On the Plains, light showers are traversing northern farming areas as cooler air descends upon the region. Dry weather elsewhere favors summer crop harvesting and late-season winter… Read more »

Climate is not static

Normal does not usually happen.  Normal, said Kyle Tapley, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist with MDA Weather Services, is just a balancing of the extremes. He told those attending the recent Bayer CropScience Corn Soybean Future Forum in Frankfurt, Germany that people on all sides talk about climate change with too much certainty. “Personally, I’m on the skeptical side as far as… Read more »

Cold wave races into the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, snow is falling in the upper Great Lakes region, while rain showers stretch southward from Lower Michigan through the Ohio Valley. Sharply colder air is overspreading the entire region, with Friday morning’s low temperatures generally ranging from 15 to 25° in the upper Midwest. The adverse weather conditions, which include gusty… Read more »