Purdue University offers online e-Learning courses

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Purdue University is offering an agronomy educational program for professionals seeking to grow their expertise. Bruce Erickson, Agronomy director and lead instructor for the Agronomy e-Learning Academy uses an online format to offer a way to learn that provides a structured learning environment but also has flexibility. The program offers three different courses, Agronomy Essentials,… Read more »

Precision Technology important for John Deere

Precision technology is an important offering for John Deere’s farmer customers.  Laura Donaldson, Product Manager at John Deere, talked with Brownfield’s Cyndi Young during Commodity Classic. “Everything we are doing in this space is committed and linked back to the customer, helping them to increase productivity and efficiency.  That’s why we’ve invested so much in… Read more »

Successful year for Michigan Thumb farmers

The executive director of the Michigan Bean Commission says final 2015 dry bean production yields are expected to be similar to last year. Joe Cramer tells Brownfield farmers ended the year with above average yields.  “From a quality standpoint, from a yield standpoint, everything that we were sort of dreading as we went through a… Read more »

Precision data key for sustainability

The co-founder of Farmers Edge says precision agriculture helps farmers tell their sustainability story. President and CEO Wade Barns tells Brownfield precision data can track and verify environmental impacts as well as other inputs. “As farmers embrace technology, as technology becomes easier for them to use, they’re going to be the best stewards of the… Read more »

Farmer interest in digital agriculture is growing

For one company, digital tools are gaining in popularity with farmers. Anthony Osborn, Vice President of Marketing for the Climate Corporation says they have seen record adoption of their digital agriculture platform in 2015. “We’ve seen farmers coming in and map more than 75 million acres on our system and that’s up from 50 million… Read more »

Network provides practical farm knowledge

A new grower-to-grower online network is allowing farmers to anonymously share farming tips and practices to help other farmers. Charles Baron, co-founder of Farmers Business Network (FBN) says farmers have been sharing information with each other for years – but FBN is modernizing how it is being done.  “All FBN is doing is taking that… Read more »

UAV approved for spraying

Farmers are getting one step closer to remote controlled precision sprayers.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved an unmanned helicopter for test use in agriculture this month.  The Yamaha RMAX has been approved in Japan for more than 20 years as a precision pesticide and fertilizer sprayer. This is the FAA’s first exemption approval to… Read more »

Merging technology and agriculture

The 2016 agBOT Challenge is on.  It’s a competition designed to identify and commercialize innovative agriculture technologies to improve work on the farm. Competition organizer Steve Gerrish, CEO of Indiana-based airBridge, an agricultural mobile broadband communications company, says over the next year – teams will take technology used in ag and other industries to the… Read more »

Getting the most out of your precision equipment

Farmers are heading into the growing season facing the lowest commodity prices they’ve seen in recent years.  Andrew Hamilton, technical services and quality manager for Cenex says precision equipment can help farmers get the most out of their inputs. But, he says, in order for farmers to maximize their return on investment, the equipment needs… Read more »

Maximizing productivity

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Lower commodity prices means the potential for tighter margins.  As farmers look ahead, implementing technology can be key to keeping productivity high.  Josh Stoller with Precision Planting says that was a big topic of conversation at this year’s National Farm Machinery Show.