GE rice with higher iron and zinc

A group of scientists has been able to increase iron and zinc levels in rice – which is seen as a breakthrough for improving global malnutrition. The World Health Organization says iron deficiency is the main cause of malnutrition in women and children and zinc deficiency causes severe health problems, especially in children. The International… Read more »

Pulses as an alternative protein

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The world population is growing – a LOT.  Will there be enough food to feed all of us over the next 40 years?  Nutritionist Janice Rueda says pulse crops, which are dry beans, chickpeas, dried peas and lentils, are a potential solution. HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM – Pulses as an alternative protein

Michigan Farm Bureau members feed the hungry

Michigan farmers are working to feed those in need. Tonia Ritter, manager of the promotion and education program for Michigan Farm Bureau, says members have partnered with Kids’ Food Basket, a regional food distribution program in West Michigan, to provide for students with supplemental snacks over the Christmas break.  “We are putting some preparations together… Read more »

Beckmann on Global Food Security bill

Ending hunger in America and abroad is the goal of the Bread for the World organization and its leader says some great strides are being made.  Reverend David Beckmann, a World Food Prize winner, says the U.S. House is poised to pass the Global Food Security Bill today. In an interview with Brownfield Ag News,… Read more »

Reducing food loss and waste

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It is estimated that one-third of all food produced around the world is lost to food waste.  That includes losses in the field during and after harvest as well as food that is thrown away by grocery stores and consumers. It’s a big issue in the discussion about how we’re going to feed a rapidly increasing global… Read more »

Survey revealed at Iowa Hunger Summit

Survey results released at the Iowa Hunger Summit in Des Moines, Iowa this week show a majority of Iowans donate food or money to organizations that help people in need. Betsy Danforth-Richey of Iowa Food Access and Health said she sees an untapped opportunity for donating fresh food from gardens, “Because that’s the type of food… Read more »

Fighting rural hunger

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‘Invest an Acre,’ a program where farmers can invest a portion of their harvest to support their local food bank has received a boost from Monsanto Company. Monsanto is partnering with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, Archer Daniels Midland and Feeding America in the program by matching contributions of U.S. farmers. “We know that one… Read more »

Iowa FFAers will package meals for Haiti

At their annual leadership conference in Ames next week, hundreds of Iowa FFAers will stand shoulder-to-shoulder packaging special meals for the poor people of Haiti. The project is being coordinated by the Iowa Food and Family Project.  It’s an extension of that organization’s “Special Delivery. Homes. Help. Hope. For Haiti” project launched back in December…. Read more »

Buffett challenges farmers

The Howard G. Buffett Foundation not only has a campaign to save soil, the Foundation also works at the local level to address hunger. Speaking at the Purdue Ag Alumni Fish Fry on Saturday, February 4, Buffett challenged farmers to do their part and donate the proceeds from 1 acre to their local food bank…. Read more »

John Deere’s Project “CAN DO”

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Ever thought about what you could do with 300,000 cans of food? John Deere has, it’s called Project “CAN DO.” “John Deere is going to be constructing a life size combine out of over 300,000 cans of food,” said project manager Nicole Schneider. Schneider says the project is designed to raise awareness of both the… Read more »